Our Charges

Fee earner category and applicable hourly rates(excluding VAT):

Solicitor with experience of 8 years or more: £267.00

Solicitor with experience of 4 years or more:  £200.00

Solicitors with experience of up to 4 years: £165.00

Trainees and paralegal: £121.00

VAT @ 20% will be charged unless exempt (e.g. if you are overseas resident or you don’t have a leave to remain in the UK etc.)

The prices listed below are for guidance only. These costs mentioned below do not include any disbursement (i.e. Counsel fees, Court fees, Application fees etc). We will give you an accurate quote reflecting the complexity and urgency of your case in advance of any work undertaken.

One Off Consultation £50.00
Inside Country Tier 1 applications £850-£2000
Inside Country Tier 2 applications £800-£1700
Inside Country Tier 4(General) applications £600-£1200
Inside Country Settlement applications £850-£2100
Inside Country Point based system dependent applications £600-£800
Inside Country Spouse/Child applications £850-£1600
Inside Country application on basis of private and family life £800-£1400
Asylum Claim/Further submissions £650-£2500
Inside Country EEA residence document applications £650-£1400
EEA Permanent Residence applications £800-£1400
Inside Country Immigration/Asylum Appeals £550-£2500
Application for permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal (IAC) £300-£700
Application for Permission to apply for Judicial Review £1500-£5500
Inside Country Administrative Review application £500.00
Immigration Bail £500-£1200
Outside Country Tier 1 applications £1000-£2500
Inside Country Tier 2 applications £900-£1500
Outside Country Tier 4(General) applications £700-£1300
Outside Country Spouse/Child applications £850-£1600
EU Settlement Scheme Family Permit applications £700-£1100
Outside Country Immigration Appeals £1200-£2500
Leases £1250 – £3500